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The Top Warning Signs of Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing Home Negligence Snyder Law Group LLC

Is your elderly loved one in a nursing home?

Is your elderly loved one in a nursing home? Do you suspect signs of negligence or abuse? The lawyers here at Synder Law Group LLC are here to help. It can be hard to tackle taking care of an elderly loved one while handling other responsibilities. Nursing homes can provide convenience and comfort. However, elder abuse does happen, unfortunately. The Nursing Home Abuse Center reported in 2013 over 9,700 complaints were filed relating to nursing home abuse. The most common type of claim was physical abuse. It can be devastating to discover that someone you love is in harm’s way. Here are the top warning signs of nursing home negligence. 

Disorientedness, Confusion, Drowsiness

Does your loved one seem disoriented, confused, drowsy, and appear to be sleeping all the time? This behavior could be due to medication overdose or unmonitored side effects of the medication they’re taking. Some conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and many other degenerative diseases, can cause these same effects. However, if your loved one is usually sound-minded and agile, these behaviors are indeed a red flag. 

Incontinence and Poor Personal Hygiene

Your loved one becoming incontinent may signify that they haven’t received timely help or help at all while attempting to use the restroom. You may also notice skin irritations, rashes, and breakdowns near particular areas. Also, if you notice unpleasant smells, unkempt or unwashed hair, or see that your loved one has on the same clothes day after day, it’s evident that primary personal care is not happening. While physical abuse is, of course, the more damaging of the two, neglect has devastating psychological effects.


Is your family member known for getting around and being mobile? If you’ve noticed a decline in mobility and independence, this could mean they haven’t been getting help with daily walking or regular exercise. 

Physical Changes

Physical changes can include broken bones, dislocations, scratches, and bruises due to rough handling. These changes may also include sudden weight loss due to malnourishment or dry and cracked lips due to your loved one being dehydrated. In a nutshell, if your loved one doesn’t look the same or their behavior seems erratic and unusual, this is a red flag. If you suspect nursing home negligence, make sure to document all that you see, talk to your loved one about their experience, and reach out to us today to help serve justice and ensure that your loved one is no longer a victim

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