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Treatment Options for Cerebral Palsy

Physical therapy is one of the most effective Cerebral Palsy treatment options and helps children to improve their independent motor skills.

We never want to think about the possibility of birth injuries during the labor process, but there is always a risk. Cerebral Palsy is a birth injury that occurs as a result of birth asphyxia and can range in severity depending on how long the baby was deprived of oxygen. This condition can have effects on a child’s physical and mental abilities and isn’t curable, but it can be treated. Here are some of the common treatment options for Cerebral Palsy.

Physical Therapy

This is one of the most effective treatments for Cerebral Palsy. Physical therapy generally starts at a young age and is designed to help build a child’s strength, flexibility, and coordination to improve their independent motor skills. Physical therapists have to do a very in depth assessment of patients before starting therapy to determine which areas to focus on the most. They change and adapt their exercises as the child gets older to help them with walking and posture.

Occupational Therapy

Using occupational therapy helps Cerebral Palsy patients improve their quality of life overall. For teen and adult patients, this helps them to be able to work on their own. This treatment option is geared toward helping patients gain independence with performing daily functions such as personal care, household tasks, and other practical activities. It focuses on strength, hand-eye coordination, visual perception, and sensory processing.

Speech Therapy

With some types of Cerebral Palsy, speech and language is affected. When this occurs, speech therapy is a good treatment option to use. This helps children to speak more clearly and provides them with assistive devices if needed. If the child is unable to speak, they can provide sign language lessons. Speech therapy doesn’t only focus on expressing speech, but also on understanding it better. Speech therapy also helps patients that struggle with breathing and swallowing.

Massage Therapy

Because of uncontrollable muscle movements and spasms, Cerebral Palsy can be the reason for a lot of muscle pain. Massage therapy can be used to help relax, heal, and rehabilitate the muscles that are affected. This treatment option focuses on soft body tissues which is meant to help children with flexibility. They target joints, ligaments, muscles, skin, and tendons to help improve a child’s mobility and decrease any discomfort.

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