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    The Unfortunate Dangers of Delayed Diagnosis

    The Unfortunate Dangers of Delayed Diagnosis

    Dangerous consequences can occur when doctor’s struggle with the diagnosis of your issue.

    We all have a process when coming under with an illness or injury, and most will take the time to go see a doctor. Whatever the case may be, you to get help. When this trip to the medical center is made, you expect to be treated with the best possible care in a quick timeframe. The unfortunate reality is that this doesn’t always happen. Dangerous consequences can occur when doctor’s struggle with the diagnosis of your issue. Not only does this break the trust we have in medical professionals, but it can also lead to immediate and permanent damage toward the patient.

    What Is Delayed Diagnosis?

    Delayed diagnosis is essentially exactly what its name entails, when a medical professional fails in properly diagnosing you in a timely manner, which then leads to incorrect treatment or no treatment at all. In these cases, the condition was always present and the patient was going to experience harm, but it’s a matter of how much unintended, preventable harm occurred. Doctors are not technically legally responsible for every single diagnostic error. They typically need to prove the existence of the relationship, that negligence occurred, and how that negligence actually caused injury to the patient.

    Proving Negligence?

    Unfortunately, a delayed diagnosis doesn’t immediately mean that evidence of negligence is there. Even the best doctors can make diagnostic errors, because they are human. The important part of this process is figuring out if the doctor in this situation acted with the correct procedure in mind. That procedure is known as the medical standard of care. The difficult part of diagnoses for doctors is that many conditions share similar symptoms. Many medical professionals will engage in a differential diagnosis technique, and then the symptoms are narrowed down from there to finalize a condition. Mistakes can come into play when doctors do not list the correct diagnosis, or they included the correct diagnosis but failed to produce accurate testing. Another issue occurring is when results from tests are inaccurate, leading to diagnostic errors.

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