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Welcome to the new website and blog of the Snyder Law Group, LLC. Based in Baltimore, our group of talented and experienced lawyers are proud to represent victims of medical malpractice, serious car and truck accidents, and personal injury throughout the Maryland and Washington D.C. areas. Our aggressive approach has been praised by legal scholars, juries, and judges and we are ready to put it to work for you in the courtroom. Not sure if you have a case? Keep reading to learn more about the cases we represent, and then call us at 410-THE-FIRM for a free consultation.

Our Practice Areas

Medical Malpractice

If you or a loved one are harmed because of the negligence of a doctor, hospital, nurse, or other medical professional it is considered medical malpractice. Our firm concentrates its practice in the following types of medical malpractice:

  • Birth Injury: birth asphyxia, Erb’s palsy, cerebral palsy, forceps and vacuum delivery, kernicterus caused by jaundice, shoulder dystocia
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Injuries to the spinal cord can affect any and all parts of the body. Compression of the spine or a spinal contusion, or bruise, are unfortunately common. Car accidents are the most common cause of this type of injury, but medical malpractice and spinal surgery can also result in spinal cord injuries.
  • Wrongful Death: When a loved one dies due to negligence or reckless actions by a medical professional, the law provides you the right to seek compensation from those responsible. While death is a sadly common occurrence at hospitals and healthcare facilities, death as a result of medical or surgical errors, nursing home neglect, or a failure to diagnose is avoidable and therefore considered malpractice.
  • Failure to Diagnose: A common form of medical malpractice that can result in serious injury or death is a failure to diagnose. Stroke, cancer, appendicitis, pneumonia, and dangerous infections can become exacerbated to dangerous levels the longer they are left undiagnosed.
  • Hospital and Nurse Negligence: This type of malpractice occurs when the “customary standard of care” is not met. This means that a healthcare provider did not provide care in line with the established standards of practice for their particular area of practice in medicine.
  • Nursing Home Negligence: It’s never an easy decision to move a loved one to a nursing home, especially when the trust between patient and caregiver is broken by negligence or neglect. Documentation and legal representation are vital to proving nursing home negligence and winning your case.
  • Surgical Injuries: Many different types of incidents surrounding surgical procedures are considered surgical injuries that equate to medical malpractice. Examples of surgical injuries include organ damage/surgical site infections, performing the surgery incorrectly, or failure to collect informed consent of patient prior to operation.
  • Failure to Properly Read/Interpret Radiological Films: Misinterpretations of radiological films can lead to serious health complications, and since the technology is used so often these mistakes occur all too often. Ultrasounds, sonograms, mammograms, MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays are all types of radiological tests that can affect a diagnosis if read or interpreted improperly.
  • Stroke Injuries: Whenever blood is unable to flow to or from the brain it is considered a stroke. Despite being the most common form of brain injury and one of the three leading causes of death in the United States, medical professionals are not always accurate when identifying stroke in a patient. This missed diagnosis can be grounds for medical malpractice.
  • Brain Injuries: Any injury to your brain is a serious injury. Ailments affecting the brain can lead to improper treatment or monitoring because of the severity of the injury and the close attention that needs to be paid to ensure successful treatment. The brain is a fragile organ and brain injuries are tragically common.  



Serious Car and Truck Accidents

Any automotive accident is frightening, but a truly serious car or truck accident can create potentially lifelong health issues for those involved. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident because of someone else’s negligence you have a right to seek compensation for damages medical or otherwise. A catastrophic injury such as brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, broken bones, or soft tissue damage can fundamentally alter a person’s life. From an extended stay in the hospital to physical therapy and even home renovations to accommodate a new disability, catastrophic injuries that result from serious car and truck accidents usually mean hefty medical expenses. Add in the likelihood of lost wages and there is a serious financial burden that comes with injury at the hands of someone else. A lawyer from the Snyder Law Group, LLC, can help you get justice you deserve.

Personal Injury

Any case of medical malpractice or a serious car or truck accident that results in injury to your person can leave you hospitalized with mounting medical bills. A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the often complicated legal avenues you have available to hold those at fault accountable. In many instances of medical malpractice the burden of proof lies on the  injured party. Proving malpractice can be difficult, but the Snyder Law Group, LLC, is experienced doing just that, and our aggressive approach is effective and praised by members of the legal community.

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The Snyder Law Group, LLC, proudly represents clients throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C. Our experienced Baltimore attorneys understand the frustration that comes with an insurance company, medical professional, or other party that refuses to accept liability for negligent or reckless behavior. You can take heart in knowing there are talented and experienced lawyers ready to work for you. We are experienced in handling personal injury claims of medical malpractice or injury resulting from serious car and truck accidents, and have secured hundreds of millions in verdicts settlements*. Please visit our website,, for more information and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn.

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