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Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Here are a few signs that your loved one may be a victim.

It can be difficult to entrust your loved one to the care of a nursing home, and your concern is perfectly understandable. The unfortunate truth is that many nursing home patients suffer abuse and neglect at the hands of their caretakers. Here are a few signs that your loved one may be a victim.

Bruises and scratches

Some small bruising may be expected, such as in the arms from receiving injects for medications. But you should never ignore large bruises or scratches, especially on the face. These are signs that your loved one may have been physically assaulted and they could be in danger.


Even if your loved one was very ill or in the beginning stages of a serious disease when they entered the nursing home, they should still look well fed and hydrated. Some signs that they are suffering from dehydration are thirst and dry skin and lips. Extreme fatigue is also a sign that they are not getting enough food and water. It may be hard to tell if your loved one already has a serious condition. You can keep an eye on how the nursing home staff deliver meals; generally a negligent nurse will be impatient, indifferent, or even hostile.

Depleted Funds

You may be covering all of the costs for your loved one’s stay at the nursing home. But in some cases, they may have money of their own for small, day-to-day expenses. If they do, be aware that they could be a victim of theft. Often, nursing home employees will target patients with alzheimers or dementia because they can’t always speak for themselves and are more easily manipulated.

Changes in mood

As mentioned above, most nursing home abuse is more likely for patients who lack the ability to communicate. But that does not mean a patient will a mental disability does not understand what is happening to them. You know your loved one better than anyone, so if they seem sad or anxious then you should look for other signs of abuse. It can be infuriating to think of professionals who are hired to give care misusing their power to prey on the weak. But the experienced layers at Snyder Law Group are committed to holding them accountable and seeing to it that your loved ones receive justice.

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