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What Defines Medical Malpractice

Here are a few common types of medical malpractice and the warning signs.

When you give your time, money, and trust to a medical professional then you deserve to receive the best quality treatment to the best of their abilities. Everyone makes mistakes, but when doctors and surgeons have your well being in their hands then their mistakes can have lifelong and tragic consequences. If you’re not a professional in dealing with medical malpractice cases, then it can easily become confusing to define. Here are a few common types of medical malpractice and the warning signs

Delayed treatment

Delayed treatment is a form of medical negligence where a medical professional fails to give you the right medicine or other treatment when you need it most. This could be the result of a missed diagnosis or because your doctor underestimated the severity of your symptoms at the time. Cases of delayed treatment aren’t addressed because the patient did not realize or understand that their doctor should have given them the proper treatment sooner. Timing is important, and even receiving the right treatment too late can still result in lasting health issues. Because delayed treatment can be difficult to point out, you should always talk to a legal professional if you have concerns about any part of your treatment process.


Unlike a missed diagnosis, a misdiagnosis is where a doctor gives you the wrong diagnosis entirely. This is very common with strokes and heart attacks, which can have similar symptoms with many other medical issues. And, especially with those conditions where getting treatment quickly is vital, a misdiagnosis can have potentially fatal results. You should not take for granted that the diagnosis you received is the last word. But after you get a second opinion if you discover that you were misdiagnosed, then you could be entitled to compensation if the misdiagnosis worsened your health condition. For example, if you were not treated for a stroke because of a misdiagnosis, by the time you get a second opinion you could have suffered severe brain damage which could lead to a lifetime of disability.

Surgical Error

One of the most serious forms of medical malpractice, surgical errors can occur in a variety of ways. The error can come from the surgeon operating on the wrong body part or performing a procedure on the wrong patient. These procedural errors often start with mistakes in paperwork. Additionally, administering too much or not enough anesthesia is a common error, as is leaving foreign matter in the area. Improperly cleaning before the surgery can lead to the spread of infection. A simple mistake as creating an incision too deep or at the wrong place can lead to  massive complications. Because surgery is so delicate and precise, there is a very small margin for error.

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