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    What to do if You Witness a Serious Car or Truck Accident

    If you find yourself the witness of a car accident there is an unspoken protocol that you need to know about.

    An automobile accident can be a life-changing tragedy that leads to a complex series of legal repercussions. This is why witnesses are incredibly important in providing details of what happened to help determine liability. If you find yourself the witness of a car accident there is an unspoken protocol that you need to know about.

    When the Accident Occurs

    The first moments after a serious car or truck accident can be confusing and scary even for a witness. But as soon as you realize what has happened it’s important not to panic so that you can think clearly. Although the first thing you should do is call 911 for emergencies, you should also put safety first. Make sure that you are not standing in the road, and you should not approach the vehicle or try to remove a person from the vehicle, especially if they are injured, unless they are in immediate danger of oncoming traffic. 

    The Next Steps

    After initial action is taken, you will have to wait for the authorities to arrive. If you or other witnesses need to leave before then, someone should stay and take the contact information of the other witnesses in case they are needed later. While you are waiting, it’s important to take note of everything that happened and your surroundings. Important details include the weather , traffic levels, road conditions, as well as the events of the accident. If you can, you should also take some pictures on your phone. The more details you have the better, for legal actions later on. Lastly, you should give this information to the authorities as well as a way for them to contact you.

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