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    What You Need to Know About Birth Asphyxia

    Birth Asphyxia can lead to serious birth injuries including Cerebral Palsy.

    Birth injuries are always a risk during the labor and delivery process. Even the smallest of injuries can be very costly and cause pain to your baby. More serious conditions such as Cerebral Palsy can occur as a result of birth asphyxia. This is when the baby is deprived of oxygen for a period of time. Here is what you need to know about birth asphyxia.

    What is Birth Asphyxia?

    As mentioned before, birth asphyxia is when a child’s brain isn’t getting enough oxygen. It can happen in a few different ways, but most commonly occurs because of pinching or kinking done to the umbilical cord and is often a result of negligence. Birth asphyxia leads to anoxia or hypoxia. Anoxia is when there is absolutely no oxygen getting to the brain and hypoxia is when there is a very low amount.


    You want to look out for the symptoms of birth asphyxia so that you can act as quickly as possible. Some of the most common symptoms include:


    • Infant not breathing or having trouble breathing  
    • Pale or blue skin color

    • Seizures

    • Low heart rate

    • Poor muscle tone

    • Weak reflexes



    Thankfully, there are several tests that can be done to officially determine if your child is suffering from brain asphyxia. Doctors can do a CT scan, MRI, or an EEG to get a better look at the child’s brain. More specific tests include a SPECT test, which is a type of CT scan that checks the brain for blood flow and metabolism. If your tests results come back and your child does have birth asphyxia, your doctor will be able to help you figure out the best treatments and medications for them.


    Birth asphyxia is a very dangerous condition and can lead to death if it is left untreated. The severity ranges depending on how long the brain has been deprived of oxygen. If they stop breathing for extending periods of time,  your child could end up with birth injuries such as Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy or Cerebral Palsy, which both will affect your child for the duration of their lives.

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