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What You Need to Know About Diagnostic Errors

Here is what you should know about diagnostic errors.

Even doctors can make mistakes sometimes. But, as you can imagine, these mistakes could have costly consequences. One big example of this is a diagnostic error. When a doctor incorrectly diagnoses a condition or fails to spot the signs to diagnose the condition, that could put the patient at risk of injury. There are grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit when this happens, and here is what you should know about diagnostic errors.

Determining Negligence

The first step in any medical malpractice case is determining whether the doctor was acting negligently. The typical diagnostic process involves the doctor compiling and analyzing a list of possible conditions, which the doctor will sort in order of probability that the patient has each condition. To prove a doctor acted in negligence would mean demonstrating how the doctor did not follow due diligence in their diagnosis. Without a thorough enough diagnostic process, it is easy to see where the doctor is at fault for a patient not receiving the treatment they need. 

Errors in Testing

There are several tests that a doctor might provide during the diagnostic process. And that could create opportunities for diagnostic errors to happen. For example, faulty testing equipment could render incorrect results. If this is the case, then it might not qualify as grounds for medical malpractice, unless you could sue the hospital rather than the doctor. Another example of a testing error is a radiologist misreading x-ray results.

Patient Harm

All of these diagnostic errors could potentially lead to you as the patient, being injured. How does a diagnostic error lead to harm? Failure to diagnose means that you won’t receive the treatment you need, or you could receive treatment that you don’t need. In both cases, the condition is being overlooked. A common example is a doctor overlooking symptoms of a heart attack or cancer. Both of these conditions could be fatal if they aren’t treated in time. You could have a valid case if your condition worsened because you had an incorrect or late diagnosis.

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