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What You Should Know About Birth Injury Lawsuits

Birth Injury

A birth injury is the result of medical negligence either before or during the labor and delivery of your child.

Unfortunately, birth injuries are more common than most people seem to think. By definition, birth injuries are any complications that result in some kind of permanent injury that occurs during labor and delivery. They can also be defined as injuries that come about due to improper or negligent medical care prior to both. Either way, it could be cause for a legal case which, if won, would result in compensation for the parents. Below are some of the basics of birth injury law and what you should know before heading into a case.

What is a Birth Injury and What Causes Them?

Any injury a newborn sustains within the womb or during delivery that is a result of improper medical care constitutes a birth injury. Parents tend to expect that healthcare providers will consistently do what is best for both the baby and the mother, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, they are caused by complications during delivery or via the side effects of a prescription drug taken during the pregnancy. It can also be the case that an obstetrician improperly utilizes medical tools or incorrectly performs a medical technique, resulting in anything from a lack of oxygen or severe head injuries.

How Does This Differ From Birth Defects?

There is a big difference between birth defects and birth injuries so it is important not to conflate the two. Birth injuries happen as the result of negligent medical practices, but birth defects are issues that come about prior to birth—sometimes even being the result of something that occurred before pregnancy. Birth defects sometimes come about from hereditary factors, illicit drug use, or alcohol consumption, which makes it incredibly unlikely that any compensation can be sought via legal means.

What Next?

If your child has suffered from a birth injury, you first need to collect proof that your doctor or the facility practiced incompetent healthcare practices either during your pregnancy or delivery. If you can prove that a medical provider gave you insufficient care, then you have a case. Next, you need to find an injury law firm to take on your case. Look for a firm that has experience and can help guide you along the way of your birth injury case.

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