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    Disastrous Auto Accident Attorney

    Maryland’s Representation for Auto Accident Injury

    According to the National Highway Safety Administration, 2.44 million people were injured in auto accidents in 2015. This represents over a third of all auto accidents for the year, meaning that your chances of getting injured are about 40% in a car accident.

    Car accidents usually only result in minor injuries requiring minimal medical intervention, but sometimes significant medical issues arise. According to the NHTSA, 35,092 people died in auto accidents in 2015 and some of the 2.44 million injured that year suffer severe or life-threatening damages. Compared to a minor car accident, a catastrophic auto accident happens when passengers are seriously injured and require significantly more medical treatment or long-term care.

    Help is available if you have been seriously injured in a tragic auto accident. The lawyers with the Snyder Law Group, LLC are prepared to stand up for your rights. Negligent drivers, car manufacturers, or highway contractors must be held responsible by the court if their mistakes caused your injury.

    The Snyder Law Group, LLC has the experience and success of standing up for Maryland’s injured. From the very beginning, our team is committed to getting justice. You will get our best even if your case goes all the way to a jury.

    What Does Catastrophic Auto Accident Mean Exactly?

    Car accidents are described as “catastrophic” when passengers suffer injuries that are critical enough to cause a great change in their lifestyle. These types of crashes are different from other car impacts because they cause injury requiring hospital treatment ranging from days to months. They also cause more significant bodily harm, usually requiring surgery, physical or occupational therapy and other rehabilitation in order to regain health for daily function. Sometimes catastrophic injury causes irreversible damage, leaving the victim physically or mentally limited for the rest of their lives.

    What Are Some Types of Injuries Caused by Catastrophic Auto Accidents?

    Catastrophic auto accidents often involve the following types of injuries:

    • Death
    • Paralysis
    • Fractures & broken bones
    • Brain injuries
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Soft tissue damage

    Victims’ Rights after Catastrophic Auto Accidents

    Luckily most drivers get to their destination without incident. However, auto accidents happen every so often when someone is careless toward their safety and the safety of others. If someone behind the wheel disobeys traffic laws by speeding, driving aggressively or drinking alcohol or using drugs, they are more likely to cause an accident. Mistakes like these can result in permanent damage or death to anyone near the thoughtless driver.

    Drivers severely injured by someone else’s carelessness on the road should receive compensation for their damages through a personal injury lawsuit. Even those removed from the car are entitled to justice if they were affected. Damages caused by a careless driver can be repaid to family members on behalf of the lost loved one. These claims can cover expenses such as medical bills, funeral costs, pain and suffering, loss of income, loss of use of the body among a number of other hardships.

    Victims don’t have to face these challenges on their own. Personal injury attorneys help those affected by a catastrophic auto accident file a personal injury lawsuit and recover monetary damages. If you or a loved one are a victim of a major auto accident and have suffered a catastrophic injury, contact our seasoned legal professionals at Snyder Law Group, LLC immediately for a free legal consultation.

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