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4 Facts About Cerebral Palsy

4 Facts About Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a devastating condition, and there are still many facts that people do not know.

Cerebral palsy is a devastating condition. Many people have probably heard of it before, and you may be aware that it can result from an injury to the brain during birth. Like a lot of things, however, there are many facts surrounding the condition that are still unknown to people. Especially if your child was diagnosed, there are plenty of things you should know. And, even if you don’t personally know someone with cerebral palsy, it’s still information that could be useful to know.

The Multiple Types

While cerebral palsy is the name of the condition, it’s essentially describing a group of various conditions within the same realm. The most common type is known as spastic cerebral palsy. With this type, a person will be severely limited in their muscle and joint movement, and it will almost feel completely stiff. The other types included are athetoid palsy and ataxic palsy. There’s also a chance that these different types can join, leading to mixed palsy. One part of the body could be spastic while another part could have athetoid symptoms.

The Level Of The Condition

As with any ailment, there are varying levels of severity. Each person will have different degrees of cerebral palsy and it can develop at different rates. It’s the most common motor disability in childhood, but not every person has the exact same reaction to it. One child could have a far more severe reaction compared to another.

All Muscles Can Be Impacted

Cerebral palsy has a direct impact on the body’s muscles. Depending on the degree of the particular person’s condition, the muscles can be hindered in any way based on how much damage was had to the brain.

It’s Not Rare

The condition is far from rare, as one in every 323 children has been identified with cerebral palsy. It’s also more common among boys than it is among girls. Most of the cerebral palsy that’s diagnosed is of the spastic variety.

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