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How To Recognize Brain Damage And Injury

How To Recognize Brain Damage And Injury

Suffering from trauma to the brain is a result that could affect the child for the rest of its life.

Infant brain damage is a devastating birth injury. Simply put, it should never occur because of negligence by a doctor or nurse. Suffering from trauma to the brain is a result that could affect the child for the rest of its life. Not only could it hinder their personal growth and development, but it’s also a financial strain on the family as a whole. Unfortunately, there’s no true way to combat this, as it occurs due to malpractice from the medical professionals. However, there are things to look for and symptoms to know.

Lack Of Oxygen

During the birthing process, your baby’s oxygen levels are important to monitor. A lack of oxygen can lead to future turmoil. When looking at a decrease in infant oxygen levels during delivery, there are two main forms: hypoxia and anoxia. We’re going to assess the meaning of both, and also the results of this brain damage.


Hypoxia is a term that outlines low levels of oxygen. It’s basically when the oxygen cannot reach the tissue. Looking at birth injury, the specific form is perinatal hypoxia, which is an oxygen deficiency in an infant before or after birth. Typically, the baby will stop breathing after being born, losing precious oxygen. This type of brain injury can lead to cerebral palsy. There are multiple ways in which perinatal hypoxia can occur, and a few deal with medical malpractice. A primary way for this to happen is through umbilical cord issues, especially if it becomes prolapsed.


While hypoxia is having little oxygen available, anoxia is the complete absence of any oxygen. These conditions typically occur while the baby is being delivered, and if this happens, the doctor should opt for a C-section. This is where malpractice can come into play, because a delay in emergency C-section could result in harm toward your child. The medical staff should understand the danger when it comes to a lack of oxygen.

What Could It Lead To?

Brain trauma such as this has many negative outcomes, but the biggest result from it would be the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. If your baby suffers this result from brain damage during birth, you have the right to seek compensation.

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