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A Breakdown of Product Liability Claims

Often overlooked, a product liability claim is still a very valid category of personal injury cases. You might not have realized that, if you suffered an injury from using a product, you could be entitled to compensation. Here are a few of the ways that a company could be at fault for your injuries because of a defective or dangerous product.

Design Defects

Many times, potentially dangerous products start at the design stage. A company can create a product that is designed in such a way that it will cause injury. Some of the most common examples are in cars, such as the design of an airbag that is placed at a dangerous angle. But it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish a defective design from a manufacturing defect.

Manufacturing Errors

It’s common for manufacturers to make mistakes in creating a product. You have probably seen recalls on anything from medicine to food to toys where a company realized after the fact that their product was dangerous. The key to this type of product liability claim is to prove it was the manufacturer’s fault and not user error. If you bought a crib and assembled it exactly according to the instructions, but it had a gap at the base which let your baby slip in and become injured, then the company might argue that you were at fault for incorrectly assembling it. But your lawyer can compare the dimensions of the crib laid out in the instructions to the finished product to prove that a properly designed crib was still incorrectly manufactured.

Improper Warning

One of the most difficult things to prove is when a company fails to provide a proper warning for their product. Some companies are hyper-vigilant about their warnings, such as a fast food chain putting caution hot label on every package. Failure to provide warning is a very specific and often subjective category. Medicines should always list side effects, but there could always be a reaction that was not anticipated depending on the person. Also, contributory negligence is a factor, since you can’t sue a company if you were improperly using a product, such as taking a weight loss medication if you are even slightly under the minimum weight requirement. When in doubt, it is better to discuss your injuries with a legal professional.

The Snyder Law Group Can Help With Your Personal Injury Claim

The Snyder Law Group, LLC, proudly represents clients throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C. Our experienced Baltimore attorneys understand the frustration that comes with an insurance company, medical professional, or other party that refuses to accept liability for negligent or reckless behavior. You can take heart in knowing there are talented and experienced lawyers ready to work for you. We are experienced in handling personal injury claims of medical malpractice or injury resulting from serious car and truck accidents, and have secured hundreds of millions in verdicts settlements*. Please visit our website,, for more information and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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