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Analyzing Cerebral Palsy

Analyzing Cerebral Palsy

There are different things you can analyze to determine if cerebral palsy is present.

You’re approaching 9 months pregnant, and it’s to the point that you could give birth at any moment. This should be one of the happiest times and moments of life for you and your family. Unfortunately, birth injuries do occur, and things don’t always end as planned. The most likely result of birth injury is cerebral palsy. It occurs when the baby doesn’t receive enough oxygen during the process. There are different things you can analyze to determine if cerebral palsy is present.


The most immediate thing for you to analyze is how your baby is behaving. Every child is different, but a child with cerebral palsy will show signs. For example, if a seizure occurs, that could be a sign that birth injury occurred. Parents should look out for movements as well. If your baby has involuntary movements of the limbs, it’s a sign of cerebral palsy. The same goes for limbs that droop.

Milestone Tests

When you give birth, the first year of your child’s life has rapid development. By 7-10 months, you’ll start to see your baby crawling, and by a year you’ll see them understanding a few words and taking their first steps. These are some of the typical milestones, and it’s important to understand them. A child with cerebral palsy may struggle with these milestones. They may not be able to sit straight or crawl. If simple milestones are not met, you should consult your pediatrician.

Other Signs Of Cerebral Palsy

Behavior and milestones are two ways to understand if cerebral palsy is present, but there are plenty of other detailed things you can look out for when assessing your child. The delaying of postural reactions is one sign. If your child struggles to remain aligned, this is a signal that the motor skills are not developing properly. If there is an inability to bring hands together, stiffness when holding them, or your baby struggles to roll over, they may have suffered from a birth injury.

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