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Common Reasons For Surgical Errors

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There is no room for any mistakes when a surgery is taking place, however nobody is perfect. Every surgery comes with some sort of risk, but when the incident could have been prevented, it becomes an issue of medical malpractice. Surgeries do not always go as planned and that is not always the fault of the doctor who is responsible for it. However, sometimes the surgeon is at fault. Here are some common reasons for surgical errors.


We like to think that every single doctor has the same advanced skill set and can fix any problem we bring to them. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all. Everyone has different levels of skill and experience in any given field, including the medical one. However, if a doctor does not have the proper skill set, they should not be performing certain procedures. This does happen though and is one common cause of a surgical error. The surgeon may have never performed this procedure before, leading to a mistake, or they could just lack the proper skill set to perform it.

Insufficient Planning

Planning is essential to the proper execution of almost anything that we endure in life. Surgeries require a great deal of planning as well. The doctor must review and prepare for any and all possible complications that could occur during surgery, even the ones that aren’t very likely. The nurses also play a role and are responsible for making sure all the proper equipment is working, ready, and available to be used during the surgery. Without the proper planning, surgical errors are more likely to occur.

Energy Level

Doctors work very long hours and it can take a lot of energy out of them. Though we all have worked through a day with little to no sleep, it can really take a toll on your brain and ability to think clearly. Fatigue is a reason why doctors can make mistakes during surgery. A person who is tired is a lot more likely to make mistakes than someone who had a full eight hours of sleep.

Lack Of Communication

No surgery is a one-person job. Each one requires a team of people that work together to execute a successful finished result. If the nurses, assistants, and doctors do not all communicate effectively before and during surgery, surgical errors can be made. This can be anything from not communicating every piece of equipment that was needed to a miscommunication about the proper dose of anesthetic that the patient needed.

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