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Common Types Of Personal Injury Cases

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Personal Injury is a very broad phrase that could be interpreted a lot of different ways. When it comes to the legal aspect of it, however, it refers to an injury that resulted from someone else’s negligent behavior. Here are a few common types of personal injury cases.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are the leading reason for personal injury cases in the United States. Typically, if an auto accident occurs, it is because someone wasn’t properly following the rules of the road. The person at fault in the accident is the one that is responsible for compensating the other party for their injuries.

Medical Malpractice

When injuries occur as a direct result of a health care professional’s negligence, it becomes as issue of medical malpractice. These personal injury cases are some of the most complicated types because of how much goes into proving medical negligence. In a medical malpractice case, injuries can occur from things like a misdiagnosis or failure to diagnosis, surgical errors, and giving the wrong dose of medication.

Slip And Fall

Though a slip and fall incident may seem minor and accidental, it depends on how it happened. In some cases, the property owner can be held accountable for your personal injuries if they didn’t take the proper steps to ensure that the floor was safe to walk on. For example, if an elderly person slips and falls in a nursing home because the floor was wet and not marked as such, that could be the fault of the nursing home.

Dog Bites

Though you can’t always control the actions of your dog, if they bite someone and injure them, that fault comes back to you. In Maryland, they follow a strict liability rule which means that the dog owner is liable even if the dog never showed signs of aggression. However, Maryland also adheres to the contributory negligence doctrine, which means that if the victim played any role in causing the incident, their case is invalid and they can’t be compensated.


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