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The Dangers Of Birth Asphyxia

Complications of Birth Asphyxia can potentially lead to birth injuries.

Birth asphyxia is when a baby isn’t receiving enough oxygen during childbirth. If this isn’t addressed immediately, there could be some severe long term effects on the child. Ideally, you want to prevent oxygen deprivation altogether but sometimes, mistakes are made during childbirth. Here are some of the dangers of birth asphyxia.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy can be caused by a number of factors, but birth asphyxia is one of them. A lack of oxygen can lead to this disorder which affects a child’s muscle control, body movements, coordination, posture, and balance. It can also affect their motor skills and oral functions as well, depending on which type it is. Cerebral palsy is a condition that will affect a person for the entirety of their lives.


Certain types of brain trauma, including birth asphyxia can lead to seizures in newborn babies. This is more prone to happening when the head can’t properly pass through the birth canal, so their oxygen supply is compromised. It can vary from just one seizure to a development of a seizure disorder.


It may be surprising to find out that birth asphyxia can actually lead to permanent paralysis. This typically occurs because the doctor has to use some of force to help deliver the baby because they aren’t getting enough oxygen. There are methods such as forceps and vacuum extractions which apply pressure to the baby’s head to help get them out faster. Using these instruments increases the risk of injury to the baby. If the doctor is not careful, full or partial paralysis could result.

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