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Consequences of a Catastrophic Auto Accident

Here are some of the main consequences of a catastrophic car accident.

Naturally, no one expects to be involved in a severe car accident. But the truth is that your life can be changed in just a single second by the reckless driving of someone else. A catastrophic automobile accident comes with several repercussions that should deserve compensation. Here are some of the main consequences of a catastrophic car accident.

Vehicle Damage

The first thing hit in an accident is your car, so it is no surprise that you can expect a large amount of vehicle damage. Even if you are unharmed, you can still be caught in a crippling financial situation. Chances are your car insurance coverage doesn’t go far enough to take care of extensive repairs, or even replacing your vehicle, all of which are very costly. If nothing else, you should seek compensation for your accident if, by no fault of your own, your car is now severely damaged.

Medical Needs

The sobering truth is that most catastrophic automobile accidents cause serious injuries. And in many cases, these injuries can take years to recover from or you might never fully recover at all. Some examples of injuries that are caused by these car accidents include brain trauma, paralysis, and severe burns. If you are injured because of someone’s negligent driving, then you deserve compensation not only for your medical bills but the physical and emotional pain and suffering from your injury.

Loss of Income

Many people forget that, after a catastrophic car accident, your work life will also be affected. Whether your received severe injuries or it was only your car that was damaged, both cases will likely make it difficult if not impossible for you to return to your job for an extended time. The combination of losing a source of income on top of all of your new medical or car repair expenses will leave you in a bad place financially. That is why it is vital that you seek out a personal injury lawyer for yoru accident.

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