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Four of the Most Common Kinds of Medical Malpractice Cases

Here are the four most common kinds of medical malpractice cases.

Medical malpractice is a very broad category because it encompasses any type of negligence in which a medical professional breaches the standard of care with a patient. Because there is such a wide range of injuries that can result from medical malpractice, it can be difficult to know where your case might fit. Here are the four most common kinds of medical malpractice cases.


When a doctor gives a patient an incorrect diagnosis or fails to diagnose their condition at all, even in the presence of symptoms, then it can lead to potentially deadly consequences. Often cancer, strokes, and heart attacks are commonly misdiagnosed because these conditions have easy-to-misinterpret symptoms. However, it is the doctor’s fault if their diagnosis, or lack thereof, leads to a patient’s worsened condition or death.

Medication Errors

Another area where medical negligence commonly occurs is in medication. Even if a doctor does not prescribe the wrong medication entirely for your condition, they might give you the wrong dose or fail to take into account other medications you currently take that could negatively react with it. 

Surgical Errors

The category of surgical errors covers several types of mistakes that happen through surgery. Some mistakes are extreme, such as the surgeon accidentally leaving behind an instrument inside of the patient, performing the wrong procedure, or performing a procedure on the wrong patient. However, another overlooked result of surgical errors is the transmitting of dangerous infections.

Delayed Treatment

Delayed treatment is often the result of misdiagnosis, because the doctor’s incorrect diagnosis prevents them from knowing the treatment that they should have given the patient. A doctor can make the mistake of discharging a patient too early from the hospital before they were recovered, or failing to follow up on a patient’s condition. Especially in severe conditions like cancer, the timing of a treatment is vital, which is why even receiving the right treatment too late can be a sign of negligence.

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