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When is a Dog Bite Considered a Personal Injury?

Here are some contributing factors to a dog bite personal injury case.

It’s not always common for someone to be seriously bitten by another person’s dog, but when it does happen there can be many questions surrounding what happened. Since dogs, like all animals, act on instinct and not reason, it’s impossible to hold them legally accountable for your injury. If you had a dog bite, then you might wonder if it was your fault or if you can file a personal injury claim against the dog’s owner for negligence. Here are some contributing factors to a dog bite personal injury case.

The Myth of Dog Bites

Many people who are victims of serious dog bites make the mistake of assuming that there’s nothing they can do about the situation. part of the reason for this misconception comes from the breed of the dog. Dog breeds such as pit bulls, German shepherds, and rottweilers, receive a lot of the blame as breeds that are traditionally considered violent. But if you were bitten by a usually-friendly golden retriever or even a small chihuahua you might assume that you did something to cause this dog to act out of the ordinary. However, the type of dog and the situation involved are only two small pieces of the puzzle, and a personal injury lawyer will consider much more that could prove that the dog’s owner was truly at fault.  

Owner Negligence

Most injury claims, including medical malpractice, involve a simple two-part equation. The first part of this is showing where a reasonable person should have taken necessary precautions to prevent an injury, and the second part is where the person in question was negligent by failing to do this. In the case of the dog owner, some precautions include keeping their dog on a leash or chain while outside and posting a beware of dog sign. If you were bitten by a dog that was unattended or that the owner knew was easily excited by strangers, then you could have grounds for a claim. Remember, serious dog bites come with a lot of damaging consequences, from medical bills to emotional anguish and even the threat of contracting rabies. Even if it doesn’t seem like a case that can be taken seriously, it’s better to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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