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    The Danger Of Airway Injuries

    The Danger Of Airway Injuries

    A dangerous effect of medical practice is known as an airway event, or injury.

    A medical malpractice claim results when the medical professionals at hospitals fail to properly treat their patients, leading to further harm or a worsened condition. In these claims, the patient must prove that the team of caretakers failed to adhere to the standard of care. A dangerous effect of medical practice is known as an airway event, or injury. As you may have guessed, these injuries are the result of a patient’s airways not be managed accurately. There are a few reasons why these events happen, and most are due to complete negligence.


    The main reason medical malpractice events occur is due to negligence and incompetence. Those two factors can stem from an overall lack of training. Training is a broad term, but in this case it refers to inadequate insertion or removal of devices, and the maintenance of airway systems. These mistakes usually result in a doctor or nurse improperly handling the addition of breathing tubes. It’s also important for the airways to be consistently cleared. No matter what the profession is, a lack of training means the final product will not be up to the expected standards. In a medical malpractice case, that negligence and incompetence is only heightened. As with many unfortunate incidents, inexperience and a lack of proper communication within teams leads to a malpractice situation.

    The Effects Of Airway Injuries

    While there are multiple issues that come with an airway injury, the two main effects are vocal cord damage and injury caused by improper extubation, such as scarring. Furthermore, if an airway injury occurs, patients will have a lack of oxygen at that specific time, which could result in a brain injury. When an airway injury happens, the vocal cord can become damaged, usually in the form of laryngeal trauma. This trauma is the result of the tube being poorly removed, and tissues can be severely damaged. If you feel that your breathing is far from normal, feels obstructed or causes the sound of your voice to dramatically change, you may be in the midst of suffering from an airway injury.

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