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    The Devastating Long Term Effects of Shoulder Dystocia

    shoulder dystocia

    Among the many birth injuries that can occur during delivery, shoulder dystocia is one of the most disastrous. It doesn’t lead to death, but it does lead to suffering.

    Among the many birth injuries that can occur during delivery, shoulder dystocia is one of the most disastrous.  It doesn’t lead to death, but it does lead to suffering.  Shoulder dystocia is an injury to an infant’s brachial plexus, and can cause paralysis of the arm.  This is a very preventable condition that is caused by medical error during childbirth.  Fortunately, with a medical malpractice lawyer, you can get the compensation you deserve.  But what are the long term effects of shoulder dystocia, and why should you fight for justice?  Read on to find out.

    How Does Shoulder Dystocia Occur?


    During childbirth, the newborn can get caught in the birth canal by the shoulder, causing delivery to become difficult and prolonged.  However, such a complication can easily be avoided and fixed, if necessary.  There are many well-known solutions that any practicing medical staff should understand and be able to enact.  Unfortunately, many untrustworthy medical professionals would rather tug on the infant or use excessive force, which can cause shoulder dystocia.


    What Are the Long Term Effects?


    Unfortunately, shoulder dystocia can have life-altering effects on the infant.  It can cause paralysis of the arm, cerebral palsy, brachial plexus palsy, and other horrific issues.  Because of medical malpractice, the infant can suffer losses and complications for the rest of their lives.  The parents will go through heartache and an excess of funds just to make sure their child is comfortable.  Between emotional and financial struggling, a doctor’s mistake can lead to a lifetime of complications and misery.  It only becomes more painful to know that the injury is easily preventable.  There is no excuse for such malpractice.


    Why You Should Seek Help


    If you have been affected by your infant’s shoulder dystocia, it’s very possible that you have grounds for a claim of medical malpractice.  Proving negligence in these cases can mean that your family and child will be compensated for your sorrows.  Don’t suffer underneath hospital bills and emotional turmoil.  Contact a medical malpractice lawyer today, to see what we can do for you.


    The Snyder Law Group can help you if you’ve been affected by shoulder dystocia.


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