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    What is Kernicterus and How Can it Easily Be Prevented?


    It’s easy to diagnose, easy to prevent, and any appearance of Kernicterus means a medical professional made an egregious mistake.

    When it comes to birth injuries, Kernicterus is perhaps one of the easiest to prevent.  There should be no reason at all, aside from medical malpractice, for why Kernicterus should occur.  This can classify as a serious birth injury that requires immediate legal action for medical malpractice, considering it can only be caused by a mistake in the birthing process.  It’s easy to diagnose, easy to prevent, and any appearance of Kernicterus means a medical professional made an egregious mistake.  Here’s what you need to know about Kernicterus, how it can be prevented, and why you should seek legal aid.

    What is Kernicterus?


    Bilirubin is one of the body’s fluids that is created when red blood cells within the body die.  In newborns, these cells have lifespans of 45-50 days.  It’s a waste product–it’s flushed from the body in the form of urine, stool, and mucus.  However, when a mistake happens during the birthing process, bilirubin can build up in the newborn’s blood and cause jaundice.  Jaundice affects the brain when bilirubin accumulates in their blood cells, which can lead to serious complications, such as cerebral palsy.  Likewise, bilirubin can cause a kind of wall between blood flow and the baby’s brain.  This causes significant damage, and can even stain the brain with a yellow tint.  This is called Kernicterus.  In terms of jaundice side effects, this can cause a specific and debilitating type of cerebral palsy.


    How can it be prevented?


    Bilirubin levels should always be scanned and studied when a baby is born.  These tests should be done repeatedly over time, and high levels can be detected very easily.  Doctors should also never interrupt phototherapy, and the infant should always be under phototherapy lights.  This kind of treatment can save lives.  Visual confirmation is never enough to detect bilirubin levels–a doctor may see clear and normal skin and pass this off as no sign of Kernicterus.  However, even babies with normal skin can have high levels of bilirubin beneath the skin.


    Why is this medical malpractice?


    Kernicterus can always be prevented.  Proper testing is a necessary part of the birthing and after birthing process.  Medical professionals are trained and know that this is procedure, and failure to follow the correct steps means Kernicterus is a very real form of medical malpractice.  Legal aid is necessary immediately, so you can seek justice.


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