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    Do You Have a Case For Medical Malpractice?

    Here is a basic description of what usually qualifies, and does not qualify as medical malpractice.

    It can be particularly heartbreaking to suffer an injury because of the negligence of a medical professional that you trusted with your wellbeing. However, the hard truth is that not all incidents, whether or not they are perceived as medical malpractice, can be grounds for a lawsuit. Because it can be difficult to determine whether or not you have experienced medical malpractice, it is always important to seek the help of a legal professional as well as the second opinion of another doctor. But here is a basic description of what usually qualifies, and does not qualify as medical malpractice.

    What Constitutes Malpractice

    The definition of medical malpractice is a doctor failing to provide the level of care that would be expected of a reasonable and competent doctor in their same situation. Every doctor is held to a duty of care which is to look after the wellbeing of their patient. When a doctor breaches this duty of care it can take shape as several different kinds of mistakes, from surgical errors, procedural errors, incorrect medication and more. If a medical malpractice attorney can prove that a doctor’s mistake was in violation of their medical standard of care then it will be able to stand as a medical malpractice case

    What is Not Malpractice

    Although medical malpractice incidents go unnoticed more than people realize, there are also some cases that can be mistaken for medical malpractice. If you see your condition worsening under the care of your doctor, it might not necessarily mean that they are at fault. As long as the doctor is staying diligent to give you timely and accurate diagnosis and treatments, then they are caring for you to the best of their abilities and not committing any type of negligence. There are also situations where the unexpected might happen, such as discovering that the patient has an unusual adverse reaction to a medication. Unfortunately, there are some conditions that are untreatable, no matter how much medical attention they receive. 

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