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    Examples of Surgical Errors

    Here is some important information about the types of surgical mistakes patients most often experience.

    Some of the most intense medical procedures require surgery. A doctor must have the top-level of concentration to perform a delicate operation, and it can usually take many hours. Although it’s not uncommon for mistakes to be made during surgery, a surgical error can lead to particularly disastrous results. Here is some important information about the types of surgical mistakes patients most often experience.

    Overlooked Instruments

    As extreme as it sounds, there is a definite risk that a doctor could accidentally forget a medical instrument inside a patient’s body before completing the surgery. Most surgical operations involve a variety of tools, and it is the doctor’s and hospital’s responsibility to keep track of these tools to prevent injury. An overlooked instrument inside a patient could cause serious punctures and lacerations, or breed a dangerous infection, particularly sepsis, which causes a lethal amount of inflammation. 

    Incorrect Location

    Another significant and terrible surgical error is when the doctor performs an operation on the incorrect site on a patient. This can happen through miscommunication, or when a doctor mistakenly performs a procedure that was meant for a different patient on the wrong patient. This type of medical negligence is usually very rare because it is such an extreme error. But, as you can imagine, it could be devastating for a patient to have injuries from unnecessary surgery, or even have a healthy part of the body removed while leaving an unhealthy part untreated.

    Nerve Damage

    A more common surgical error is nerve damage. In fact, surgical mistakes are one of the leading causes of nerve damage. Nerves are incredibly thin and delicate, which requires a doctor to use the utmost care when operating around them. But if during surgery, a nerve is accidentally bruised or severed, then it can lead to chronic pain, numbness, or even paralyzation.

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