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Four Main Kinds of Nerve Injuries

Through medical malpractice during childbirth, your loved one may have suffered a nerve injury that may have led to a condition such as Erb’s palsy. But unfortunately, these potentially devastating injuries can be overlooked until it is too late because there is not enough awareness of them made available to the public. But you can protect yourself and your loved ones with this important information about these four types of nerve injuries to look out for.


Neuropraxia is the mildest and most common kind of nerve injury. If a nerve experiences neuropraxia, then that means that it was injured by being overstretched, but didn’t tear. Symptoms of this nerve injury are shock-like pain that will feel like a shooting or burning sensation going through the injured nerve. Neuropraxia injuries are considered minor and in most cases will heal in approximately three months.


The next type of nerve injury, neuroma, is similar to neuropraxia where the nerve stretches without a tear. However, a neuroma is a more severe stretch that leads to damage in the nerve fibers which will lead to scar tissue. The scar tissue formation in neuroma will put harmful pressure on the healthy nerve, which could compromise its ability to heal. In fact, many people who experience neuroma will not be able to recover fully and may have lasting difficulties with the area of injury.


Now, a rupture is a nerve injury where the nerve is completely torn. Because of the severity of this injury, anybody who has a ruptured nerve should immediately receive medical attention. A ruptured nerve requires surgery to repair, which is especially risky and delicate when a doctor must operate on the nerves. In some cases, such as in children, the procedure will involve grafting a nerve from another part of the body.


This nerve injury is the most severe. An avulsion is a complete tear like a rupture, except that the nerve is not only torn, but it separates from the part of the body where it was originally located. Sadly, in most cases, an avulsion will result in permanent damage and paralysis. An avulsion can at most be only partially fixed with surgery.

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