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Five Types of Stroke Injuries

A stroke is a serious condition that is often the result of medical malpractice or misdiagnosis. If left untreated or treated too late, then a stroke can lead to devastating brain injuries. Here are some of the most common stroke injuries.

Behavioral Changes

One major part of the brain that a stroke can impact is the area that manages emotions. And a stroke injury it could result in certain emotional disabilities such as depression and anxiety. A stroke victim may also have more difficulty controlling their emotions or will, by contrast, become more withdrawn.

Speech Problems

If a stroke injury occurs in the area of the brain responsible for  speech and language, then a victim may have permanent difficulties communicating, understanding others, or reading and writing. Another way that a stroke could impede speaking is by damaging the part of the brain that controls the muscles in the mouth and throat. For this reason many stroke sufferers not only have trouble speaking but may also have issues swallowing.

Pain or Numbness

A very common result of a stroke is pain or loss of feeling in certain parts of the body. A stroke suffer may also become unable to detect certain temperatures or respond to pain which increases the risk of them injuring themselves.

Memory Loss

Partial memory loss can be a heartbreaking consequence of a stroke injury. Victims may also lose the ability to make judgements or follow logical reasoning. This type of stroke injury is truly debilitating in many cases.


Perhaps one of the most serious stroke injuries is paralysis. If you suffer from a stroke, then there is a risk that you could lose feeling or the ability to control part of your body. Often this type of stroke injury will only impact one side of your body, depending on which side of your brain experienced the stroke. Paralysis can be temporary unless a stroke is not treated in a timely manner.

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