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    Can a Stroke Cause a Spinal Cord Injury?

    spinal stroke

    A spinal stroke occurs when blood is restricted from flowing to the spinal cord, and they account for 1.25% of all strokes.  They are frequently misdiagnosed. 

    There is actually a medical term for when a stroke causes a spinal cord injury–a spinal stroke.  It occurs when blood is restricted from flowing to the spinal cord; though this isn’t a common stroke, accounting for only 1.25% of all strokes, the risk is still prominent.  And, if you’ve experienced such a stroke, misdiagnosis is unfortunately all too common.  If you’re suffered a spinal cord injury due to a misdiagnosed spinal stroke, it’s time to read on and discover what you can do to compensate yourself.

    What Are the Symptoms of a Spinal Stroke?


    Because the symptoms of a spinal stroke are far more recognizable than a typical stroke, the misdiagnosis of one is far more egregious.  The body may experience severe neck or back pain, or muscle weakness in the legs.  Spinal strokes can occur quickly, and may even have paralysis as a symptom.  Numbness and loss of control of the bladder is common.  These obvious signs are ones that doctors should be able to identify right away–if not, it is possible they were acting negligently.


    Ischemic Stroke


    This kind of spinal stroke is due to a blood clot.  Blood clots can form all over the body in many different arteries, and then travel through bloodstreams to spinal arteries.  When this occurs, arteries narrow, in a process called atherosclerosis.  Blood clots are formed due to fatty acids building up in the bloodstream.  People with heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, and smokers or drinkers are at a higher risk for an ischemic stroke.  While it is a common belief that strokes only happen to the elderly, anyone at any age can be the victim of one.


    Hemorrhagic Stroke


    When a blood vessel near the spine bursts and causes internal bleeding, this will cause a hemorrhagic stroke.  Blood vessels will pop if they are under extreme stress–for example, someone with high blood pressure is at risk.  Likewise, someone may suffer from an aneurysm, which is the result of a blood vessel swelling to the point of bursting.  Near the spine, this kind of activity can cause damage, and may lead to a stroke.


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