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    The Two Most Common Types of Stroke

    There are two different types of stroke that can impact a person in different ways.

    Strokes are in the top five causes of death in America because they can hit fast with damaging results. Although the thought of your or a loved one developing a stroke without warning is certainly unsettling, there are fortunately many causes and symptoms that can help a doctor catch a stroke before it is too late. But what exactly happens when someone is having a stroke? There are two different types of stroke that can impact a person in different ways. Here is an overview of what they are and how it could affect you.

    An Ischemic Stroke

    The most commonly-occurring type of stroke is an ischemic stroke. An ischemic stroke is caused when blood cannot reach a certain part of the brain, usually from a blockage like a clot. It can lead to debilitating brain damage that some people may never fully recover from. Strokes like this can come from plaque in the arteries, similarly to a heart attack, which means that an unhealthy lifestyle is to blame. However, strokes can also be the result of a medication or medical treatment. In this case, if you had a stroke it could have been a result of medical malpractice.

    A Hemorrhagic Stroke

    Next,a hemorrhagic stroke is another common stroke, and one that is extremely dangerous and fatal. A hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures, which causes internal bleeding. A form of this type of stroke is an aneurysm, which is often fatal. High blood pressure is a common cause of a hemorrhagic stroke, which again is why it is important to keep track of your health. But on the doctor’s side they should make sure not to underestimate the symptoms of a stroke, especially a hemorrhagic stroke, because often getting treatment on time is the only way to prevent deadly consequences.

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