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    Common Stroke Causes

    Common Stroke Causes

    When a stroke happens, it’s the result of blood being restricted from reaching your brain.

    Strokes are unfortunately somewhat common, but they can be preventable if you take certain measures to protect your body. When a stroke happens, it’s the result of blood being restricted from reaching your brain. This lack of blood leaves brain cells to rapidly die. The stroke comes in the form of two standard types: ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic strokes deal with blood being blocked off from the brain, whereas hemorrhagic strokes deal with the bursting of blood vessels.


    With any health risks, the clearest way to avoid any setback is by consistently exercising. A lack of exercise is a definite cause. It sounds cliche, but a daily workout lowers the chances of ever experiencing a stroke. Whether it’s taking a small walk, lifting weights or playing in social sport leagues, there are ways to make sure you’re staying active.


    Smoking or chewing tobacco is obviously not healthy for you, but people continue to access it anyway because it’s addicting. Not only does smoking increases your chances of suffering from a stroke, but it also raises your blood pressure. That may be the toughest side effect, because high blood pressure is the number one cause of strokes, and it can be avoidable. Cigarettes lead to an unhealthy buildup in your arteries, making your blood vessels more susceptible to clotting.


    In some cases, strokes just run constant throughout family history. Of course, there are things you can do to avoid them, but a genetic cause is not out of the realm of possibility. Another potential cause could be the medicine you take. Prescribed medications can always have side effects, but some can make certain conditions more likely to happen. Blood thinners are a great example, as they interact with blood clotting. Hormonal drugs also play a role, as they increase the risk of stroke due to the chemicals in your body being influenced.

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