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    How Does A Birth Injury Occur?

    How Does Birth Injury Occur?

    The reason for birth injury is mostly due to medical negligence, or improper procedures from medical professionals.

    As a parent that is expecting, you don’t want to think about the fact that your baby could be injured during the process. However, the unfortunate reality is that birth injuries do happen, and they affect babies and parents every year. The reason for birth injury is mostly due to medical negligence, or improper procedures from medical professionals. As a parent, you expect the care to be perfect, but that’s not always the case.

    What Is Birth Injury?

    Birth injury is essentially damage done to the infant during birth. While they are unintentional, that does not make it okay. A birth injury can cause a variety of problems for the child, which leads to unnecessary costs for the family.

    Forceps Injury

    Birth injury can occur in different ways, though the main reason is from a lack of a timely Caesarian section. The medical professionals caring for us are expected to have great knowledge of their procedures, and this is why we have an inherent trust in them to successfully complete the birthing process. Yet, injuries happen in spite of this. For example, sometimes an infant can suffer a forceps delivery injury. Forceps are a birth-assisting tool that basically resemble larger tongs. The main reason they are used is to guide the baby during contractions. The danger is that they are placed around the head, which is where injury comes into play. The forceps are used when the mother struggles to push, so she can also suffer as a result. Common injuries to the infant include facial palsy, skull fractures and brain damage. The mother could suffer lacerations, bladder or urethra injuries and anemia.

    How To React?

    A birth injury can take a serious toll on your family’s well-being. In the case of forceps, you do have a choice for them to be used. If an injury occurs, you should seek help. Your child could be suffering from nerve damage or general hemorrhages to the brain. You have the right to sue for compensation if your family was the victim of medical malpractice.

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