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How Shoulder Dystocia Impacts a Child

Here is what you should know about shoulder dystocia if it happened to your child.

Birth injuries are a heartbreaking situation for any family, and they happen more normally than many might think. In particular, shoulder dystocia is extraordinarily damaging. Shoulder dystocia may not be fatal, but it makes life increasingly hard for the child. Shoulder dystocia happens during the delivery stage when the shoulders of the baby can’t come out properly. This is a circumstance that ought to be preventable, yet medical mistakes can lead to injury in the shoulders. Here is what you should know about shoulder dystocia if it happened to your child.

How Shoulder Dystocia Occurs

Shoulder dystocia comes after a baby’s shoulders get trapped in the birth canal, or behind the mother’s pubic bone, during birth. When this happens, the doctor could use a problematic method to get the child out, like yanking or using unnecessary force. Shoulder dystocia typically cannot be prevented once the delivery procedure has started. For this reason, many people elect to have a C-section performed to avoid shoulder dystocia and other complications. However, a C-section comes with its own set of risks, which is why it is usually just for emergencies unless a doctor decides in advance that the mother’s health circumstances call for one.

Harmful Effects of Shoulder Dystocia

Shoulder dystocia does not just change the course of the child’s life but also affects the whole family.  The arm’s loss of motion and different kinds of muscle discoordination can reduce the child’s quality of life. In other words, the child will require extensive treatment for years, which will put a financial strain on the family. Especially when shoulder dystocia was directly the doctor’s fault, the family deserves to know that the doctor will be held accountable.

When to Seek Help

Whenever shoulder dystocia occurs, it is almost always an instance of medical malpractice too. That’s why you should not wait to consult a medical malpractice lawyer about filing a claim if you think your child is suffering from shoulder dystocia. You deserve justice and compensation for the financial burden of medical bills and the emotional costs of your child’s suffering. Having the right team of lawyers on your side means you won’t go through this difficult process unprepared.

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