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What Causes Birth Injuries

Here are things you should know about what causes birth injuries.

It’s a sad and awful truth is that birth injuries occur, and they can influence children and their parents for a lifetime. For the most part, the explanation behind birth injury is either negligence or ill-advised procedures from doctors. As a parent, you are anticipating the best quality care for you and your child. When that isn’t the case, here are things you should know about what causes birth injuries.

What Qualifies as a Birth Injury?

The definition of a birth injury is any harm done to the baby during delivery. Unlike a congenital disability, which a baby developed before birth, a birth injury is the result of a doctor’s actions. Regardless of whether the injury was intentional or accidental , it is still wrong. A birth injury can cause an assortment of issues for the baby when growing up, which can cause exorbitant expenses for the family.

Assisted Natural Birth

During a natural birth, sometimes there are complications during labor, and a doctor chooses to use equipment to help remove the baby from the birth canal. Usually, the doctor will use either forceps or a vacuum tube, and both of these methods can pose a risk of injury. A baby could get brain damage, Erb’s palsy, shoulder dystocia, and more. The mother could also suffer injury from lacerations as well.


A C-section is a surgical procedure, which means that there is a risk for fetal lacerations and anesthesia errors. Whether planned or an emergency, if a doctor doesn’t perform a C-section in time, then the delay could harm the baby.


Even if the baby is not injured during the delivery, if doctors and nurses fail to monitor their condition, the baby could still be harmed. Treatable conditions like newborn jaundice and infections could be fatal without proper monitoring. It’s unimaginable for a parent to suffer the loss of their child because of simple medical negligence.

How To React?

Birth injuries can negatively affect not only your family’s financial prosperity but emotional well being. It’s up to the doctor to tell you your rights before delivering a baby, and for the most part, you can choose the type of treatment you want. If the doctor or hospital breaches their duty of care to you, you should seek legal assistance to fight for compensation for your family.

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