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Liability in a Delayed Cesarean Section

Who is the most liable for a delayed C-section?

A birth injury is one of the worst forms of Medical Malpractice because it can ruin or possibly end the fragile life of a newborn child. But one overlooked area of birth injuries is a delayed Cesarean section or C-Section. To the untrained eye, a new mother might not realize when a C-section was delayed, or how it can cause significant injury. The question is, who is the most liable for a delayed C-section?

The Hospital

You might be surprised to know that, in a lot of medical malpractice situations, the hospital might be liable rather than the doctor. Some doctors are contracted under the hospital, while others work independently, and that is one of the first details a medical malpractice lawyer will determine. However, there are other ways that a hospital can be liable for birth injuries like a delayed C-section. For example, a hospital might lack the correct tools for a C-section procedure, or there might not be an operating room available when a mother in labor needs it. This is reason enough to hold a hospital liable for a delayed C-section.

The Doctor

The most likely person liable for a birth injury will be the doctor. One factor that determines whether the doctor is at fault for a delayed C-section is when it can be proved that a choice on their part led to this delay. Whether it was a lapse of judgment or taking too long to complete the procedure, there are several ways that a doctor could be directly responsible for a delayed C-section.

The Nurses

At a hospital, the main responsibilities of nurses are to monitor the status of their patients. A nurse needs to keep a close eye on vital signs and update the doctor of any changes in the patient’s status. This is a subtle but crucial task because the nurse is the first person who will notice the warning signs that a C-section could be needed. If a nurse overlooks these signs, and it leads to a delayed C-section, then they could be liable.

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