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Typical Causes of Surgical Errors

Here are some of the most typical reasons why doctors make surgical errors.

Perhaps one of the worst forms of medical malpractice is a surgical error. Surgery in itself is a risky and often terrifying undertaking, where you are literally placing your life into a doctor’s hands. And a surgical injury from a doctor’s negligence can be potentially fatal. Here are some of the most typical reasons why doctors make surgical errors.

Poor Communication

Because every surgery requires a team of several doctors and nurses, there is a higher chance that important information could be lost between people. It’s important for the lead surgeon to maintain an open line of communication to prevent any misunderstandings. If something like the right equipment or dosage of medicine is not communicated effectively, then it can easily lead to the surgeon or assistant accidentally injuring the patient during the procedure.


Although it’s rare that a doctor would lack common sense entirely, there is a chance that certain doctors could be placed in a situation that they are not fully trained or equipped for. For example, a surgeon who is an expert in cardiac procedures would hardly be suited for neurological surgeries. It’s not common that a doctor would operate in a completely different medical field from their level of expertise, but there are many cases when a doctor does not quite have the skill set needed to make proper choices during a particular surgery.


Unfortunately, many doctors become overworked by the demanding environment of a hospital. Surgical procedures are a taxing mental, and sometimes physical, task that requires a large amount of focus. Even the best, most competent doctors could fall trap to making mistakes if they aren’t properly rested.

Lack of Planning

Part of a surgical team communicating effectively starts with the preoperative planning. Surgeries usually consist of hours of high-precision choices. There are many complicating factors during a procedure, such as properly monitoring the patient’s vitals. Without thorough planning beforehand, a doctor is much more likely to commit a surgical error.

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