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    The Negative Consequences Of Shoulder Dystocia

    The Negative Consequences Of Shoulder Dystocia

    Shoulder dystocia is the result of the shoulders becoming caught in the birth canal, essentially stuck behind the mother’s pubic bone.

    Birth injuries are an unfortunate scenario for any family to deal with, but they do happen more regularly than people realize. Of the possible birth injuries, shoulder dystocia is incredibly devastating. It’s not a fatal condition, but it does make life more difficult for the child. Shoulder dystocia occurs during the delivery stage, when the shoulders fail to deliver after the head. This is a situation that should be preventable, but medical mistakes happen. If your family suffered from this, you have the right to seek compensation.

    How Does Shoulder Dystocia Happen?

    Shoulder dystocia is the result of the shoulders becoming caught in the birth canal, essentially stuck behind the mother’s pubic bone. It occurs when doctors take a disruptive approach toward trying to get the baby out, such as yanking. Unfortunately, shoulder dystocia isn’t entirely preventable once the delivery process has begun. The easiest way to completely avoid it is by having a C-section, but that’s typically a last resort for most doctors and families. A planned caesarean section should be offered if the situation deems it necessary.

    What Are The Effects?

    Shoulder dystocia not only changes the course of the baby’s life, but it impacts the entire family. Through paralysis of the arm and various types of muscle discoordination, the child’s overall quality of life suffers. It doesn’t end after birth, as the child will need therapy and treatment as the years move forward. It’s tough when families know the injury could have been prevented, and this type of malpractice is why doctors must be held accountable.

    The Main Reason For Seeking Help

    A case of shoulder dystocia is usually a case of medical malpractice as well. If you believe malpractice was present, do not hesitate to file a claim and hire an experienced team of lawyers. Bills from the hospital and future expenses will add up, meaning you deserve compensation for the toll it takes.

    If You’re Family Has Been Impacted By Shoulder Dystocia, Contact The Snyder Law Group

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