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    What Qualifies As Negligence In An Auto Accident Case?

    Even the smallest distraction can be considered negligent driving in an auto accident case.

    The last thing we want to deal with is a car accident, but it happens to the best of us. It can be difficult to determine what the other driver was doing when the accident happened, but that is important when you are trying to bring a lawsuit into it. The accident itself does not prove that the driver at fault was negligent because it could have just been a misjudgment on the road. Here is what qualifies as negligence in an auto accident case. 

    Not Being Vigilant

    Something as small as taking your eyes off the road for a second can count as negligence when in an auto accident. As a driver, it is your job to be paying attention to the road at all times. You aren’t supposed to take a break from watching the road to read something or even change the radio station. Taking your hands off the steering wheel for any reason also is considered negligence. This could be something as simple as adjusting your seatbelt, but if an accident results because of that, then you are considered negligent. The person bringing on the case must have some evidence that the driver was distracted when the auto accident occurred.

    Not Following Traffic Rules

    This is something that is easier to prove in the case of an accident. Traffic rules were made for a reason and they are not merely suggestions. This includes the common mishap of speeding but can surprisingly also includes driving too slow. If you ran a red light or stop sign and that caused an accident, this surely counts as negligent driving. Any time you are defying the laws that are in place for your safety, you are being negligent and will lose a case that is brought against you if an auto accident results.

    Not Using Safety Features

    The misuse or underuse of a car’s safety features in an emergency situation can make you a negligent driver. You want to make sure that all of your car’s features are working properly because if that is the cause of an accident, you will be at fault. If your high beams are on unnecessarily, it could blind another driver and cause an accident. Not using your blinker when making a turn is another example of not using your safety features properly. Other examples include if you are driving with broken brake lights or if you don’t turn your hazard lights on when something is wrong with your car.

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