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    The Reasons For Surgical Errors

    The Reasons For Surgical Errors

    Medical malpractice comes in many different forms, and surgical errors are known as a rather common mistake that occurs in hospitals.

    Medical malpractice comes in many different forms, and surgical errors are known as a rather common mistake that occurs in hospitals. A surgical error falls below the expected medical standard of care, and the patient suffers as a result. The unfortunate part about these mistakes is that they’re incredibly preventable. Doctor’s are human, so they’re going to make mistakes like anyone else would. The difference is that they must be held accountable for these issues. Surgical errors can happen in a variety of ways, such as a wrong site surgery, where the doctor actually performs on the wrong body part. That’s a terrifying mistake to go through, and it’s woefully incompetent. Other surgical errors include incorrect incisions, leaving equipment in a patient, nerve damage, and anesthesiology mistakes. So, why do these errors consistently occur?

    The Causes

    Medical staffs typically have a standard procedure to follow for surgical events, but errors can still result. Planning is a major factor, as the patient’s history should be known, and any risks should be met with the proper preparation. Miscommunication happens in every workplace, but the result can be much more severe in the case of surgery. Whether it’s a mistake the nurse makes, the surgeon inadvertently misreading a drug or being misinformed on a patient’s issues, these occurrences are costly.

    Medical professionals live a stressful life, not only because of their work but also due to the hours necessary. Fatigue in hospital staffs is a real issue, and while it’s not exactly the greatest excuse for a surgical error, it is something that can happen. Finally, incompetence is a cause of surgical errors. You expect your surgeon to have the requisite skills to complete the job, but in rare instances that’s not always the case.

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