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What Separates A Catastrophic Injury From A Personal Injury?

Catastrophic injuries can result in regular trips to the doctor over the course of a person’s lifetime.

When you’ve been hurt at the fault of someone else, you want the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. Before filing a lawsuit, you need to know what type of suit it is going to be. There are several different types of lawsuits you can file, depending on the situation and what type of injuries you have suffered.  Personal and catastrophic injuries may seem similar, but there are some key differences. We are here to let you know what those differences are.

Greater Damages

The main difference between personal and catastrophic injuries is that a catastrophic injury suffers greater damages. Catastrophic injuries are ones that cause severe physical injury, so naturally, there will be more damage suffered. This includes both physical and emotional damages as well. People who suffer life-changing injuries that never fully heal can sue for a catastrophic injury and are likely to suffer more emotional damage than an injury that will heal with time.

Medical Needs

A personal injury won’t require as many medical needs as a catastrophic one. A catastrophic injury will likely require a longer time in and out of medical centers to treat the injury. A personal injury can also require more than one trip to the hospital, but never as much as a catastrophic one. For example, someone who has suffered paralysis or brain injuries will always need to make regular trips to the doctor to check in on their injuries, even years after it happened. They will constantly need treatments, therapies, and medication.

Expert Testimony

When it comes to the actual case, a catastrophic injury case is more likely to require a medical expert to take the stand and discuss the severity of the injuries. With a personal injury, the injuries are typically less complex and do not always require a medical expert to explain it. Medical experts are often times required to examine patients as well so that they can determine the extent and severity of their injuries. This way, the patient and their families know exactly what they need to say in court.

Aggressive Defense

Of course, the defense is always trying to win their case. However, in a personal injury case, they may not be inclined to fight as hard as with a catastrophic injury case. You must be prepared for the defense to be fighting tooth and nail with a more severe case because there is a lot more on the line. Insurance companies want to save as much money as possible and when it comes to severe injuries, it is possible their corporation can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. For this reason, they are going to put up a good fight in order to prevent that big of a loss on their end.

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