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What To Do If Your Child Experiences a Dog Bite

A dog bite is one of the top personal injury claims. Parents want nothing more than to protect their children from harm. However, unfortunately, that is sometimes inevitable. A parent can’t always have their eyes on their child every few seconds. If your child ever experiences a dog bite, we can tell you what steps to take next. Of course, you should make sure your child sees a doctor, but you may wonder if legal action is worth considering, and Snyder Law Group LLC is here to tell you that it is. Take personal injuries personally, especially when your child is a victim. Here are more details about what actions to take if a stranger’s dog bites your child (or you).

What To Do If Your Child Experiences a Dog Bite

If a dog bite happens to you or your child, take it personally.

See a Doctor

Your child must see a doctor after experiencing a dog bite. Wounds can cause infections, which you want to prevent. Stitches could also be necessary and antibiotics to treat a possible infection. You’ll never know what treatment your child may need until you see a doctor.

Also, Make sure to take proper documentation. Treat the dog bite incident like a car accident. Take pictures, write down what happened, and talk to your child to see how badly they are hurting—proper documentation matters, especially if you’re going to file a claim.

Find Out if The Dog Has Rabies and Has Had Their Vaccinations

In the case that your child experiences a dog bite from a stray dog, call animal control. They need to determine if the dog has rabies or not. If this cannot be determined, it’s not uncommon for the victim to have to take rabies vaccinations. If the dog owner is near, exchange contact information to have access to proof of rabies vaccinations. Get in contact with the dog’s veterinarian to make sure that these immunizations are current.

File a Report with the Police and Animal Control

You want to ensure this never happens to another victim and hold the dog owner accountable. Any dog that’s going to be around people should have proper training. Dog bites shouldn’t occur, but they do. Did you know that 2,400 dog bites happen each year, and more than 50% of the children are victims?

Get the Dog Owner’s Insurance Information

It’s common for homeowner’s insurance to cover the cost of medical treatment and any other losses that stem from a dog bite. The insurance company may call you, but do not sign anything or discuss monetary settlement until you reach out to us.

Snyder Them

If you need to seek legal remedies to pay for medical costs or the dog owner does not take responsibility, reach out to us. One of our experienced and result-driven attorneys can help you navigate the legal process so that you and your child can receive the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

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