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Rideshare accident lawyer in Baltimore

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Rideshare Accident Lawyer In Baltimore

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft make getting around a lot less clunky, and while it’s
difficult to deny the upside of ridesharing, rideshare accidents are an entirely different matter.

Rideshare drivers don’t need much beyond a driver’s license, a car that is up to the rideshare
company’s minimum standards, and the appropriate insurance to fill the role. That said, for all
intents and purposes, they work like commercial drivers. The bottom line is that rideshare
accidents are not uncommon, and the related claims tend to be complex. If a rideshare driver’s
negligence leaves you injured in a rideshare accident, don’t wait to reach out for the skilled
legal help of an experienced rideshare accident lawyer in Baltimore. The Snyder Law Group attorneys have extensive experience representing personal injury cases and receiving justice for
our clients. We can and will help you!

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At The Snyder Law Group, we dedicate ourselves to our clients. Your lawyer works diligently to guarantee that you receive the best representation you require. Our commitment is what brings us our stellar reputation and regular success. 

No accident case is too complex for your lawyer. When we decide to represent you, we remain committed until the very end. When you work with the experienced and highly-skilled lawyers at The Snyder Law Group, you benefit from: 

  • Experienced Attorneys
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What Are The Types Of Injuries That Can Result From Rideshare Accidents In

Injured in an accident that was caused by a negligent rideshare driver? If so, you almost certainly have questions and the answers to those asked most frequently by others in your situation can help.

Rideshare drivers shoulder considerable responsibilities that include all the following:

  • Communicating with the rideshare app and following its instructions
  • Engaging in frequent stops and starts
  • Entering and exiting traffic frequently
  • Navigating roads and areas that may not be familiar to them

As such, there are plenty of opportunities for rideshare accidents, which can lead to virtually any kind of injury. The immense impact of even relatively minor traffic accidents is closely associated with all the following kinds of injuries:

  •  Broken bones that are exceptionally painful, are slow to heal, resulting in complications, and can lead to chronic pain and ongoing physical losses
  • Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), which can be as emotionally debilitating as they are physically
  • Serious cuts and burns, which are highly susceptible to dangerous infections and other complications and can be permanently disfiguring
  • Internal injuries, which are exceptionally dangerous and often go undiagnosed due to silent symptoms
  • Spinal cord injuries, which can lead to chronic pain and significant decreases in range of motion and can also cause paralysis

What Are The Legal Rights Of Passengers Involved In Rideshare Accidents In

If the rideshare driver was responsible for the accident that leaves you injured, you can seek compensation for your physical, financial, and emotional losses – or legal damages – in a rideshare accident claim. Such losses can include all the following:

  • Property damage to your vehicle – if you were not a passenger of the rideshare driver at
    the time
  • Medical bills, including those related to ongoing medical costs
  • Lost wages, including losses related to earning power
  • The physical and emotional pain and suffering you experience as a result of the violent accident

Common forms of rideshare driver negligence include all the following:

  • Distraction – Rideshare drivers have a range of important and competing factors to balance behind the wheel, and any additional distractions can prove exceptionally
  • Excess Speed – Because many rideshare drivers earn their living behind the wheel and because the more completed fares they tally, the more they earn, some rideshare
    drivers resort to speeding dangerously.
  • Exhaustion – Earning a living as a rideshare driver is a tough gig and the lucrative hours tend to be the morning and evening rush hours during the week and later hours on the weekends, and keeping up can lead to dangerously drowsy driving.
  • Impairment – Rideshare drivers are entrusted with getting passengers where they need to be safe, and impairment of any kind behind the wheel is blatant negligence.

How Can Rideshare Accidents In Baltimore Impact Insurance Claims And Compensation For Victims?

Rideshare accident claims are handled somewhat differently than other traffic accident claims. Typically, victims will make a claim on the at-fault driver’s personal car insurance policy. When a rideshare driver, causes an accident, the ridesharing company’s insurance may apply – depending on what the driver is doing. For example, if an Uber driver causes an accident, the following will apply:

  • If the rideshare driver either has a passenger or is in of a passenger, the rideshare company’s insurance handles the rideshare accident claim.
  • If the negligent rideshare driver is on the rideshare app but is waiting to be assigned a passenger, the driver’s personal insurance coverage is first up, and the rideshare company’s coverage is triggered at the point the driver’s personal coverage is exhausted.
  • If the negligent rideshare driver has toggled off the app – even momentarily – the claim proceeds just like any other car accident claim, and the rideshare company’s coverage will not be involved.

What Legal Implications Are Involved In Rideshare Accidents In Baltimore?

Other than the rideshare company’s insurance coverage potentially handling or partially handling the rideshare accident claim, the legal implications remain the same as they do for all car accident claims. In order to prevail with a successful rideshare claim, in other words, all the following elements must be present:

  • The rideshare driver must have owed you a duty of care, and this is true whether you were a passenger in their vehicle or were in another vehicle. Motorists always owe each other a serious duty of care.
  • The rideshare driver breached the duty of care owed to you by engaging in some form of driver negligence.
  • The rideshare driver’s negligence was the direct cause of the accident that left you injured.
  • As a result, you suffered losses that are addressed by the law.

How Do Rideshare Companies Handle Accidents In Baltimore?

Rideshare companies do have hefty insurance coverage in place, which means that those injured by negligent rideshare drivers have the potential to obtain fair compensation. Rideshare companies, however, do everything allowable by the law to limit both coverage and settlement payouts. Rideshare companies are profit-driven, and as such, they are well-prepared to make you fight for the compensation to which you are entitled.

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